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When I reflect on the fact that we only have
three full-time employees (missionaries) and
three part-time office personnel and a volunteer
board of directors, it astounds me to see what
God is accomplishing through this ministry.

How is it that we are able to impact churches both in
Jamaica and here in the States? How is it that we
are able to share the gospel and bring the Word
of God to bear on the needs of so many? How is
it that we are able to serve as the family doctor
for about 1000 people in the Parish of St. Mary,
Jamaica? How is it that we are able to provide
food and shelter for those in great need? How
is it that we are able to train pastors and church
leaders and help prepare them for ministry?

The answer is two-fold: we serve an amazing
God and we have YOU on our team! Many of
you serve as prayer partners with us – prayer
is that mysterious thing that God has ordained
to use to bring about change; without it, our
ministry would be ineffective at best. Many of
you serve as financial partners with us – money
is that not so mysterious thing that is required
to fund ministry as well as something God uses
as a faith-building tool; without it, our ministry
would be impossible. Many of you choose to
volunteer your time and talents (as well as pay
your own way) to serve on J-Teams to Jamaica
or on our Medi-Pack team. Without you, this
ministry would not exist, and its impact would
not be felt. Good for you! Thank you for being
such a vital part of the team and for serving the
Lord so faithfully in this manner!

It is such a joy to serve with you on this team – but we
are not finished yet. We still have room for many more
to join this team in all capacities: prayer, finances,
presence and time. Included in this Vital Signs
is a letter outlining our financial need to finish
the year well and be able to enter 2020 on good
footing in hopes of expanding our ministry
impact. We are focusing on our heartbeat fund
because it is consistently well below budget.
One-time gifts are more than welcomed and
greatly appreciated, but we are especially
seeking monthly financial partners for this fund.
We also invite you to join us on a J-Team, either
for the first time, or once again, and there is
always room for more prayer partners – please
consider investing in the Team.

TEAMS for Medical Missions is about
Healing the Body (meeting physical needs opens
doors to meet spiritual needs)
Making Disciples (introducing people to who
Jesus truly is and teaching and modeling what it
means to be a Christ follower)
Strengthening the Local Church (equipping
Jamaican churches for effective ministry at
home and beyond)

Philippians 1:3-5  I thank God in all my remembrance of you,
always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all,
in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.

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