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Partnering with God

Our God is a relational God. He created us in His
image as relational, rational, volitional, emotional
beings. And then He invited us to partner with
Him. Judges 6,7 gives the account of Gideon’s
invitation to partner with God and the four things
God requires: faith, obedience, the Holy Spirit, and
God’s grace.
Faith is required because what God calls us to is
bigger than we can handle on our own. Gideon’s
response was, “I can’t do it” because his focus
was on his weaknesses vs. on the One who was
calling him. The truth is, Gideon couldn’t do it, not
on his own, and that was exactly the point. God
requires things greater than we can accomplish
so we will trust Him, pursue Him, submit to Him,
and flourish in Him.
Obedience is required for our benefit. Like faith,
if obedience were not required, we would do it
our way, in our own strength, accomplishing very
little, and remaining isolated from God. God’s
goal in obedience is to drive us into a deeper
relationship with Himself which benefits us and
allows us to live life to the full as it was intended.
The Holy Spirit is required because He provides
the power to accomplish what God calls us to do.
Listening to the Spirit, submitting to Him, and
allowing Him to work in us, through us and for us
is what brings the results that last for eternity. It is
also the piece that ensures God gets the glory
due His name.
God’s grace is required because we are fallen
creatures who struggle daily with faith, obedience
and submission. Thankfully we serve an incredibly
gracious God who wants us to know Him as
intimately as He knows us. Choose to accept His
invitation to partner with Him to accomplish
things you have not even imagined yet!
Keep lookin’ up,


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