TEAMS for Medical Missions

PO Box 215 ~ Macungie, PA 18062

Medical Clinics – Since 2004, TEAMS for Medical Missions has been conducting medical clinics in partnership with local churches in St. Mary Parish, Jamaica. Teams of volunteers called J-Teams come every 3 months to see patients. Patients with chronic conditions receive 90 day supply of medicine. Children and adults can receive care for everyday medical concerns and the team will provide encouragement and prayer for spiritual needs.

  • New Testament Assembly in Hamilton Mountain (Monday)
  • Ebenezer Community Church in Days Mountain (Tuesday)
  • Boscobel United Church in Boscobel (Wednesday)
  • Maranatha Baptist Church in Mango Valley (Thursday & Friday - 1/2 Day)

Construction – TEAMS for Medical Missions has built over 80 homes in St. Mary Parish, Jamaica. Providing safe housing for families in need has been an integral part of our ministry. The J-Teams work together with Jamaican ministry partners to build a house and develop friendships in the community.

Neighborhood Ministries – TEAMS for Medical Missions is involved in many ways through formal programs and activities we seek to impact our neighborhood with the love of Christ.

  • School Devotions
  • Sports Ministry
  • Teams Faith Academy - In October 2022, TEAMS for Medical Missions started Teams Faith Academy. Nickalous and Kezia Walsh are the Directors. The ministry provides biblical instruction, group interaction through art, games, physical activities, and positive relationship. 3 different groups of childern and teens meet weekly.
    • Ages: 6-8 (Explorers)
    • Ages 9-11 (Transformers)
    • Ages 12-16 (Trend Setters)

Gate Ministry – The physical needs of our community are great and meeting those needs opens doors for spiritual conversations and relationship.

  • Food Distribution
  • Medical needs
  • Transportation needs
  • Sanitary needs
  • Shelter needs

Bible Training Center of Jamaica – A life-on-life concept with biblically sound, time tested curriculum, equipping pastors and church leaders for ministry using a biblical, systematic, portable, and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a Bible college or seminary education, through a once-a-week, 3½ year program.  This program extends non-formal theological training to pastors and church leaders for whom formal theological training is not a viable option.