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Crossing Jordan

Joshua 3:5 – “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

Picture yourself camped at the Jordan River with its flooded banks. You and a million of your closest friends are waiting in anticipation to enter the promised land as was promised through Moses before you were even born. You realize God has a plan for you to enter the promised land, but the Jordan stands in the way. After three days, the word comes down that tomorrow you cross the river. You are commanded to follow the Ark of the Covenant across the river, but you are to keep a distance between you and the Ark. In preparation, the whole camp is to consecrate themselves, for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you. You overhear the commanders telling the priests who will be carrying the Ark, that once their feet rest in the water, the water will back up, leaving dry ground on which to cross. And somehow, you are supposed to sleep tonight.

What does it take to claim what God has promised you in life and ministry?
1. Pursue what God has planned for you to pursue. If God has not designed you to accomplish what you are pursuing, you have no guarantees, and you will be pursuing the wrong thing.
2. When you see God moving, follow Him (Joshua 3:3).
3. Do not get ahead of God. In Joshua 3:4, Joshua tells the Israelites to follow from a distance so they will know the way to go – because they have not been this way before. If we are not careful, we can get ahead of God, thinking we know the way to go, but when we do, we get lost.
4. Realize God’s plan is too big for you and requires His miraculous intervention to accomplish it – therefore, consecrate yourself in preparation for the spiritual work that is about to be done to accomplish God’s plan. If we are to be able to hear God’s voice, be aware of His working in our lives, experience His miraculous intervention, and end up on the other side of the river, we need to be spiritually prepared.
5. Fully commit. If you are confident that you are following God’s plan, have been given clear directions, and are in over your head – step out in faith and watch God do wonders in your midst.

These stories from the Old Testament are not just historical records – they are for our personal growth and development in our life and ministry with God. And they are for every one of us. God’s miraculous intervention in your day-to-day life is normal and constant. And it is much more effective when you see and understand it and participate in it. God’s desire is for you to know Him in the same intimate way He knows you, and to work with Him to accomplish His plan here on earth for you and for those He wants you to impact for Him.