TEAMS for Medical Missions

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Prayer Partners

James 5:16 tells us that the prayers of righteous people accomplish much. Prayer plays a huge role in our ministry and we cherish our faithful prayer partners. If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner with us, click on the tab.

Financial Partners

We are a faith-based, non-profit mission, solely supported by financial gifts from individuals, churches, and organizations. We have a number of designated funds to which regular or one-time donations can be made.

Missionary Support – Each missionary must raise their own support to minister on the field. This support covers their living expenses, health insurance, housing, transportation, etc. They are required to raise these funds before going to the field and should these funds dip low enough, return home from the field until such funds are raised.

Heartbeat – This funds the parts of the ministry that are central to the viability of our organization. If Heartbeat is not fully funded, the rest of the ministry suffers.

  • Home office
  • Support personnel
  • Emergencies
  • Public Relations
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Communication
  • Ministry travel
  • Nuts and bolts of running a ministry

Construction – We build one house each J-Team and others along the way. Each house costs about $3,500. We have built over 60 houses to date. The more Construction is funded, the more houses and other building projects we can do.

Neighborhood Ministry – This fund covers a wide range of ministry that touches the neighborhood surrounding TEAMS House in Mango Valley. The physical and spiritual needs of this community are great, and this ministry is making an impact. It costs about $800 a month to run these ministries.

  • Bible Club
  • Discipleship
  • Gate Ministry
  • Retreats
  • Job training
  • Youth Ministry

Bible Training Center of Jamaica – The training center itself is supported by the students’ weekly tuition, but many of the expenses are upfront costs requiring seed money. Funds from each class reimburse the seed money sown so it can be used for the start-up of another class. However, multiple classes are starting up at the same time requiring ongoing seed money at this time. This fund also helps to cover transportation costs, outreach events, and additional training events.

Medicine – The medical cost of each J-Team is about $4,000 which provides care for 750 patients with critical medications.

Counseling – This is a huge need in Jamaica and church leaders are asking for training. We take counselors and pastors to Jamaica and provide training seminars in different aspects of counseling: pastoral, pre-marital, marriage, conflict resolution, etc.

Special Projects – Needs arise that fall outside the regular ministries but must be met. When these needs are large enough, they fall into the Special Projects category.

Vehicles – Jamaican roads are tough on vehicles causing them to need repair and maintenance often. We also wear out vehicles at a more rapid pace than in the United States and purchasing vehicles is more expensive in Jamaica. At present TEAMS owns a mini-bus and a work truck and our missionary families own their own vehicles.

Ways to givePlease visit our Donations Page »


There a variety of ways to use your giftedness for the benefit of this ministry. Please contact us if you are interested in serving in any of these ways.

Join a J-Team

  • Need a valid passport that will not expire for at least 6 months after trip
  • Check space availability for your trip date with the TEAMS office (J-Team weeks begin the first Saturday of every February, May, August, and November)
  • Click on J-Teams tab and complete the registration form
  • TEAMS will notify you of your acceptance
  • Send in $100 deposit as trip confirmation

Medi-Pak Volunteer

One evening a week volunteers come to the TEAMS office to pack medicines and prepare crafts in preparation for each J-Team.

Career Missionary

We are looking for people to serve as full-time missionaries in Jamaica. At present we are looking for the following skill sets:

  • Pastoral
  • Children/Youth Ministry
  • Medical
  • Administration
  • Bible Training Center

But if you are interested in joining our team but do not have one of these skill sets, call us anyway and together, let’s explore where God is leading.