TEAMS for Medical Missions

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If I want to go on the next team, when will that take place?

Due to Covid-19 we've had to cancel our planned trips for August and November. That means our next trip will take place February 6-14, 2021. Please see our J-Team Staffing page for the current list of available positions or contact us to learn more.

How often are your trips?

We go to Jamaica four times every year in February, May, August and November. The J-Teams take place from the first Saturday of the month till the second Sunday. The next four trips scheduled are on the following dates: February 6-14, 2021; May 1-9, 2021; August  7-15, 2021; November 6-14, 2021.

Do you have brochures?

You can print a J-Team brochure for offline viewing or sharing. That brochure contains specific information about the quarterly short-term mission experience. We also have available a T4MM brochure to print and share which covers more general information concerning the ministry as a whole.

I'm not a doctor or nurse. Do you really need me on a J-Team?

Yes we do! Along with doctors and nurses each J-Team needs pharmacists, a patient screener, a clinic clerk, teachers (of children), builders, and encouragers.

Along with our medical team, we have teachers who lead devotions in the public schools and then minister to the children in the clinic. Our encouragement team is made up of pastors, evangelists, prayer warriors, and people with the gift of encouragement. Our building team builds a house during the week for someone in need.

How do I qualify?

  • Physical health is important. The schedule involves full work days in a hot and humid climate and can be quite demanding.
    PLEASE NOTE: Hospitals with emergency and interventional medical care are not readily available where you will serve in Jamaica. Therefore, we ask that you communicate to us clearly if you have a physical problem that would be life-threatening if it were to occur during a J-Team.
  • Spiritual health is key. J-Teamers are growing Christians with a desire to share their faith with others in word and deed.
  • Emotional health is vital. Flexibility, a heart to serve, team player, and understanding that life is not about you is necessary.

Can I bring my children with me on a J-Team trip?

Generally speaking, if your child hasn't graduated from high school yet, then the answer is no. However we are willing to speak with you about your specific situation. Our J-Teams are limited to a maximum of 23 people (including leadership from the home office) and usually all are college age or older. Many J-Teamers work in areas requiring professional training - doctors, nurses, pharmacists. Other members will need to be proven in their ability to work for long hours and in situations requiring efficiency and teamwork.

How will I spend my days in Jamaica?

On Saturday, you will arrive in Montego Bay, Jamaica and drive from there to your ministry location. You will return to the USA on the following Sunday - a nine day trip.

The Sunday after arriving, you will attend a local church and then spend the rest of the day organizing yourself and teammates for the week ahead.

Monday through Friday: After breakfast and devotions, you will be deployed to your medical, evangelism, teaching, or construction activity. At the end of a very full day, you will return to TEAMS House for dinner and preparations for the next day's work. Special ministry opportunities are provided in the evenings as well.

Saturday will include a debriefing session and a time of testimony where we are encouraged with a review of what God has done during the ministry week. The remainder of the day will be free time to rest or pursue whatever other activities are available. Sunday morning the team travels back to Montego Bay airport for the return flight home.

How do I join a J-Team?

Read this website completely and if necessary, contact us for more information. Read J-Team Registration Guidelines and then complete and submit the Online Registration Form on this website.

TEAMS will acknowledge receipt of your application and notification of acceptance will follow as soon as possible. Once you have sent us your $100 per person place-holder fee (non-refundable), you are "locked in." Please note that placement on a team is based on such things as number and types of personnel needed. If your requested team is full, we will try to find another team that will fit your availability.

Will I get any orientation or training?

Yes. TEAMS for Medical Missions offers various levels of pre-trip orientation and training. This depends somewhat on your location, needs and previous J-Team experience. While in Jamaica you will receive a couple of hours of orientation, and there is continual counsel and direction as the team meets regularly for prayer and on-the-go evaluation of the ministry.

How does TEAMS figure the cost of the trip and what is covered?

The current total trip price is $1,800 and it consists of . . . 

  • A deposit. This is a $100 per person place-holder and admin fee that also helps cover up-front administrative costs.
  • The airfare.
  • A trip fee. This covers all non-personal expenses from the time you depart the USA and until you leave Jamaica. It includes such things as food and lodging, ground transportation, medical insurance, administrative costs, a Ministry Team Handbook, and your first TEAMS shirt. It doesn’t cover food in the airport, souvenirs, or special activities you may decide to do with your free time on Saturday.

When are the trip fees due?

You will be notified of the payment schedule as soon as it is established for your J-Team trip. Generally, however . . .

  • The initial $100 administrative/place holder fee should be sent as soon upon acceptance for a J-Team and is non-refundable upon your placement on a J- Team.
  • One-half of the remaining $1,700, or $850, is due about four months in advance. This generally covers your airfare. The airlines consider the tickets that TEAMS purchases as non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • The balance, or another $850 is due about six weeks before departure.Note again that once receipted, none of these funds are refundable.