TEAMS for Medical Missions

PO Box 215 ~ Macungie, PA 18062

Director and Missionaries

john-LindaHeaterJohn and Linda Heater have come to TEAMS for Medical Missions from more than 25 years of preparation for and experience in full-time ministry. Graduates of Washington Bible College and Capital Bible Seminary (John), they are experienced in preaching, teaching, and are specially trained in counseling. They served in youth ministry in a Washington, DC area church for fifteen years and in the pastorate for several more. They come from a strong missionary background both by family and by experience. They have organized and led many mission teams here in the States and in such overseas places as Moldova, Lithuania, Romania and France.

John and Linda have joined and are leading TEAMS for Medical Missions because they share the TEAMS vision for strong churches in Jamaica. From the home office in Allentown, Pennsylvania and in Jamaica they serve the Lord Jesus first, but then the TEAMS missionary family and the people of Jamaica.

TEAMS Missionaries

Mike & Jayne Kauffman met on a basketball mission trip to a closed nation in East Africa in 2006.They have served with an international sports organization for the past 9 years leading teams overseas, training, recruiting, leading camps, and serving in local home school and after-school programs. Prior to that, Mike was a certified athletic trainer at a local high school for 9 years, and Jayne’s background is in teaching and running her own small business. They enjoy most things outdoors and all things sports, connecting with and investing in people, and traveling immensely. In November 2019 they shadowed the Heaters on the J-Team in preparation for officially joining the T4MM family in early 2020. Jase joined them almost three years ago and loves anything that involves a ball, emergency vehicle, or tools. He also talks about going back to “Joo-maica” to visit his friends quite often. They are excited about building relationships and engaging with kids, mentoring young men, joining the T4MM missionaries on J-Teams, and seeing what other opportunities the Lord brings.


The Board of Directors

  • George Apgar – President
  • Neville Tomlinson – Vice President
  • Gene Miller, DO – Secretary
  • Nathan Shive – Treasurer
  • John Heater – Executive Director
  • Ken Kristiansen
  • Susie Partridge
  • Dana Weller
  • Larry Wiggins
  • Lata Wiggins, MD

Home Office Staff

  • Jane Leeser – Bookkeeper
  • Ann Wendling – Business Manager
  • Marie Giacobbe – Communications Assistant