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The Value of Serving on a J-Team

Serving is a huge part of the Christian Life–it is what we are designed for, serving others. From the very beginning we were created to meet others’ needs and allow others to meet our needs. Jesus Himself said He came to serve, not to be served (Mark 10:45). Service comes in many forms–with family, with friends, with people you meet for the first time. But there is something special about serving on a missions trip – the impact is threefold: on those you are serving, on those who stay behind and support you, and on self.

On those you are serving: what makes our J-Teams unique is that we go back to the same people every quarter– the relationships we have built as a mission are ongoing, so the impact is ongoing.

On those who stay behind and support you: having a prayer and financial support team behind you enables others to partner with you in
the ministry to our Jamaican friends. As a result, you are a blessing both to Jamaica and to your support team.

On self: I have led many missions trips in my life as a pastor and I have never had anyone come back from one unchanged. Our J-Teams
are a catalyst for growth spiritually, emotionally, socially, rationally, volitionally, and relationally.

Why a J-Team? It is only a 9-day commitment, it is to an English speaking country, it has an ongoing personal connection, it provides a
tangible way to help the least of these physically and spiritually, and it is a well-run program. It also provides a way for you to be involved in missions personally, on an ongoing basis. We have many J-Teamers that come on a regular basis–they have become family.

Something to consider: A J-Team is an excellent first missions trip experience–it is well organized, full of meaningful ministry, has a good reputation, and is designed for you to connect and minister directly with people. If you have never been on a missions trip before–sign up for one of our J-Teams this year, there is a spot for you. If you have been on a missions trip before but were disappointed–sign up for one of our J-Teams this year and be ready for the experience of a lifetime! If you have been on a J-Team before–sign up again and bring someone with you. We serve an amazing God who enlists us to serve others–we would love to help you fulfill your God-given calling to serve.

Keep lookin’ up,