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How will I serve God now?

How will I serve God now?

I have wrestled with many questions the past 16 months, but this one has been the most pressing.  I felt I couldn’t make any other decisions without having this question answered.  For many months, I couldn’t concentrate long enough to decide on dinner, so long term decisions had to wait.  I am very thankful for my supporting partners who have been so patient and given me time to (begin to) recover.  The TEAMS team has also been so encouraging as I explored options to serve, and I will be forever grateful for their support and love.

After much prayer, God has guided me to a ministry where I can use my skills to bring glory to Him. I am very excited to join Wycliffe Bible Translators (official September 1!) as a missionary software programmer.  I will be working on the Bible translation software tools used by hundreds of translation teams…bringing the Bible to new languages so EVERY tribe and tongue can WORSHIP!

Wycliffe was started 75 years ago by William Cameron Townsend when he realized many tribes in Central America didn’t understand the Spanish Bibles he was selling.  Wycliffe’s first translation was completed in 1951, and their 500th completed in 2000.  At that time, Wycliffe adopted a new challenge — seeing a Bible translation project started in every language still needing one by 2025.

My first goal is to gather a team of prayer and financial partners who will stand with me as I dedicate my time to furthering the spread of the gospel.  If you are interested in partnering with me, please shoot me an email ( or call/text (515.868.4816).  You can sign up online at  specify Hentzel/273562

or mail support checks to (with a note included specifying the ministry of Hentzel/273562):

Wycliffe Bible Translators

P.O. Box 628200

Orlando, FL 32862

I am moved by the faithfulness and goodness of God as He allows me to serve Him doing a job I love doing.  Thank you for considering partnering with me!

In His Service,



The Worldwide Status of Bible Translation (2017):

More than 1,400 languages have access to the New Testament and some portions of Scripture in their language.

More than 600 languages have the complete translated Bible.

About 7,000 languages are known to be in use today.

Up to 160 million people need Bible translation to begin in their language.

Approximately 2,400 languages across 165 countries have active translation and linguistic development work happening right now.

More than 1,600 languages still need a Bible translation project to begin.