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A message from Teri

Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
You make my lot secure. Psalm 16:5

Dear Loved Ones,

I can’t write and tell you that my life is anything but blessed. God has been faithful to give me a daily portion of His goodness and peace; although somedays I have believed my cup to be quite empty. Thankfully, I know the One who “did” suffer, who drank from “the” bitter cup, the One who “was” beaten, and hung on a tree. All the while holding nothing but love towards those who would kill Him. In this perspective, I must hold my heart and circumstances.

It is with great joy in the Lord that He alone has answered my prayers. He has given me a new and fresh start. For that I cannot be anything but grateful. He has secured my “lot”.

I will soon resign lovingly from my TEAMS family, and move on to Faith Global Missions in West Lafayette, Indiana. I will continue to serve as a supported missionary serving the International Students attending Purdue University. There are about 10,000 international students attending Purdue every year, coming from 125 countries, many of which have no knowledge or understanding of Christianity. God has perfectly sent me somewhere I can use my gifts and experience yet have the strong fellowship of a church family. Most importantly to me is that I will participate in a mission that has a worldwide impact. With college being a time where we seem to be the most open minded and where we are often considering our world view, isn’t it a perfect time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be introduced? A perfect time for those students to carry the Gospel back to their families and to their home countries. I am excited! I hope you are too.

Many of you have supported Harold and I since 2002 when we began serving in Jamaica. I pray that you will continue to stay the course with me. I can’t imagine doing this without you. I can’t imagine not having you there to pray, counsel, and encourage me.
I will continue to need your prayer cover and financial support, and I need your help in starting over in the USA. We sold everything to come to Jamaica and now that I am returning, I will need to start over from scratch. TEAMS has set up a fund for me that will help pay for things like a vehicle, furniture, housing, and everything else…any help that you can give will be received with much gratitude.

My official last day with TEAMS will be May 31, 2017. I will continue to serve in Jamaica until I migrate back to the States. Please send your support effective April 1, 2017 to Faith Global Missions. I will be sending you information on how and when to transfer your support over.

Wow, we have been through some amazing times over the last 14 plus years. Together we have shared in the harvest and in the famine, but thankfully all to the Glory of God. You are precious to me.

May HIS name always be lifted high and above all else.
Teri Nichols