TEAMS for Medical Missions

PO Box 215 ~ Macungie, PA 18062



Our History

1992: Pastor John Jameson visits Jamaica and feels called to start a clinic - recruits Dr. John Kauffman
January 1993: 10-day trip to Jamaica to meet with the Ministry of Health and make a plan to open a clinic - Robins Bay is chosen as the location for the clinic
January 1993: Audrey Sutledge is on that trip, gives Pastor Jameson her corporation, Spring of Love
December 1993: Spring of Love is reorganized as TEAMS for Medical Missions
1994: The goal is to have the clinic open one week a month
2001: The Shives become T4MM's first missionaries and the Director of T4MM
2001: Starts leading teams quarterly to Jamaica
June 2004: Process starts with the Nichols and Anne to become a part of T4MM
July 2004: Anne accepted as a T4MM missionary serving in the home office and with J-Teams
September 2004: The Nichols accepted as T4MM missionaries; on the ground ministry is added
December 2004: Jane Leeser hired as part-time bookkeeper
May 2008-2011: Barb Will serves as part-time business manager
2010: The Hentzels are added to T4MM joining the Nichols on the field; TEAMS House is purchased
May 2011: Ann Wendling hired as part-time business manager
October 2011: Duane Wendling hired as part-time office administrator
2012: Bible Training Centre of Jamaica is added to the ministry
October 2013: The Heaters are added to the T4MM family
December 2013: The Shives celebrate 30+ years of fruitful missionary service
January 2014: John Heater officially becomes Director of T4MM
October 2015: BTCJ graduates its first class of 23 students - BTCJ Leadership team is formed
April 2016: The Hentzels move back to Iowa to serve as Mid-West Representatives and oversee BTCJ with quarterly visits to Jamaica