TEAMS for Medical Missions

PO Box 215 ~ Macungie, PA 18062

Since 2015, we have been looking for additional property which would allow us to expand our ministry in the community surrounding TEAMS House. Fast-forward to February 2021. Opportunities for ministry expansion are once again a reality. We have a new full-time missionary family, the Kauffmans, and a need for offsite housing for them in the same community. With the properties on either side of TEAMS House unavailable, we approached Mr. H, just five lots away. We had heard he had rooms in his house that he might be willing to rent. When asked if he would rent us a room for a month at a time, he said he would rather sell the property to us. He told us that in his will he had designated the house as the Lord’s house and that he wanted a ministry to own it and use it for the Lord’s work. He said he was willing to sell it to us for $200,000 USD. The house was built ten years ago, sits on about ⅔ acre of land, and has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. It has a nice yard, many fruit trees, and the same view of the sea as TEAMS House.

How will it benefit T4MM?
▪Housing for the Kauffmans – place to call their own, separate from 24/7 ministry hub, good set-up for their son Jase.
▪Overflow for larger teams from TEAMS House – allows other specialties or extras to join J-Teams which enables us to expand the scope of ministry that takes place during a J-Team.
▪Opportunities for multiple teams – allows for multiple ministry opportunities to happen at the same time.
Opportunities for diverse teams – families ministering together, youth mission trips, father/son mission trips, young adult mission trips, retreats, recon trips, etc.
▪Opportunities for US Churches to be fully engaged in ministry in Jamaica – prayerfully, financially, and physically.
▪Opportunity to fully utilize TEAMS House property – for additional ministry including expanding structures.


How should we respond to this offer?
We have been praying for God to supply. We have been looking for property that would serve our needs. We have been waiting for God to clearly direct us. It is clear to us, that God has given this property to us to use for His glory and St. Mary’s good.
Is $200,000 USD a good price?
The appraisal of the property came in at $310,000. The property is fully furnished, including lawn equipment. It has had little use in two years, so it will require some initial maintenance and minor repairs, but nothing too extensive. We will incur about $10,000 in purchasing costs as well.
How will we pay for it?
We need to raise the full $210,000 USD by August 6 with a settlement date in September. Whatever we do not raise, we will need to borrow. The members of the Board of Directors have personally donated $32,000 and we are asking you to consider joining us in this endeavor.